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Outdoor Corporate Training Programs.

New millennium brought a big change. Our main focus was now on the corporate training industry. Every team member had his brief stints with different training companies for getting experience. Drawing on strengths of the leaders in learning and training industry and studying their methodology helped us evolve. After much evaluation of our own strengths and weaknesses we emerged with our own style of delivery. We have two main domains of work Schools and Corporate.

We primarily use ‘Experiential Learning Method’ for our training modules. There is extensive use of outdoors for conducting training, as we believe that enduring learning experience seldom takes place without getting out of one’s comfort zone. These outdoor activities are supported with well thought and relevant lawn and classroom activities. Effective debriefing sessions post the activity help you tie up the experiential learning with actual work place challenges. Experimentation is encouraged and thus we have no failures but only mistakes to learn from. We can have training modules on Collaboration, Risk Management, Managing Conflicts, Execution Excellence, Goal Setting, Paradigm shift, etc. All our programs are customised to meet client requirements. Our aim is to bring out the best in the individuals, their team and their organisation.


What makes us different from most of the competition is that a lot of us have given up our successful corporate jobs to pursue our interest and utilise our expertise to maximum. We bring on table wide ranging experience like trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rigging climbing walls, Kids camps, rescue operations, wild life, nature walks, photography, bicycling, event management, travel & tourism etc. In our network we have various reputed operators across the nation who cater to our needs for travel, hotel/resort bookings and activities like rafting, paragliding, surfing, birding trips, wild life trips, fort visits etc.


The equipment and material we use for our activities is the best possible and meets the required safety standards. We are stocked with adequate material s and all our equipment undergoes strict quality checks and audits periodically. Our team members attend refresher courses whenever possible to update their skills.


This is a brief profile of what we do on paper but in reality it’s much more!!!!!

Coming together is Beginning,

Keeping together is Progress,

Working together is Success.

Henry Ford

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