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Sunderdunga Glacier Trek

Time : Sept/October -May/ June

Trek Duration : 14 nights and 13 days (includes days of travelling)

Region : Kumaon Hills (Almora)

Max. Altitude : 3820 m.


This includes:

1. A/C train travel from Delhi to Kathgodham and back.

2. Chartered bus from Kathgodam to Bageshwar, further to Saung and back to Kathgodam.

3. Hotel accommodations at Bageshwar before and after the trek.

4. All food expenses, other lodging charges, porter charges for carrying your loads, mules/ponies charges, cooks, guide and equipment charges.

 "Sunderdunga" means the valley of beautiful stones. The valley is situated to the west of Pindari valley in Kumaon Himalayas and has two glaciers: Maiktoli and Sukhram. The main peaks near the glaciers are Tharkot (6100 m), Mrigthuni (6856 m), Pawalidwar (6663 m). Sunderdunga glacier is filled with natural beauty and is well within the capacity of any trekker to reach.

Day 1.


Meet in Delhi Railway station “COMESUM RESTAURANT” at 8.00 p.m. sharp. Train to Kathgodham by Ranikhet Express. Train departure at 10.40 p.m.


Day 2.


Arrival at Kathgodam station at 5.45 a.m.Assembly at 7.00 a.m. at station. From Kathgodam we take you to Bageshwar by a chartered non a/c. bus. Its takes 7 hrs by bus to reach Bageshwar at around 3 p.m.Breakfast, Lunch, tea and snacks en-route will be provided. Overnight & Dinner at Tourist Rest House/Hotel - Bageshwar


Day 3. Saung to Loharkhet Trek - 3km -1.5 hrs


After breakfast move to Saung by same bus. Saung is on the banks of the Revati Ganga river. From the road, a short walk takes you to a little bridge, looking over the river. From Saung to Loharkhet is a 03km trek. Lunch, Dinner & overnight stay at Loharkhet (1750 Meters) in Treks Trips and Trails camps/ KMVN Tourist Lodge.


Day 4. Loharkhet to Dhakuri Trek -11 km - 6 hrs


After breakfast at Loharkhet we will start our trek up to Dhakuri. It is an 11 km trek today, that takes you down into the depths of the valley and then a fair climb to Dhakuri. 2690 mts. Dinner and overnight in Treks Trips and Trails camps/KMVN Tourist lodge.


Day 5. Dhakuri to Khati to Jatoli Trek (2210 m /7293 ft.) – 14 kms 6 hrs.


After breakfast we trek 7 km ; Khati is the largest village on this route and is on the banks of the Pindar Ganga.The people here are extremely hospitable. After lunch at Khati we now trek to Jatoli village ( 8 kms) From Khati we will follow the Pindar River up to Warbham - the meeting place of Pindar River and Sunderdunga stream. Trekking along Sunderdunga stream we reach Jatoli crossing boulders. A small ascent for night halt. Dinner & overnight in Treks Trips and Trails camps/tents.


Day 6. Jatoli - Kathalia Trek (3206 m /14300 ft.) - 13 km. 6 hrs.


After breakfast, the distance covered today is 14 km through thick alpine forest for more than half the journey. Lunch en-route. You will also see the Saria River today. Kathalia is the last inhabited village (if you can call it that). Dinner and overnight in Treks Trips & Trails camps/tents.


Day 7. Kathalia Maiktoli Kathalia Trek- 8 km (4 km up and 4 down) 5hrs.


After breakfast start the trek with a steep climb of 4 kms., to reach Maiktoli top and from where you feel that you could touch the peak. This day is a memorable one for all adventure lovers. Back to Kathalia for dinner and overnight in Treks Trips & Trails camps/tents.


Day 8. Kathalia – Balini Buglyal to Devikund Trek- 8 km. 5hrs.


In the morning after breakfast we will trek up to Sunderdunga view point passing through Sukhram Cave. Today we trek 8 kms and it will take 4-5 hrs. Dinner and overnight in Treks Trips & Trails camps/tents


Day 9. Devikund to Nagkund to Kathalia Trek-12 km.8 hrs.


After breakfast we trek from Devikund to Nagkund Lunch at Nagkund. Then trek to Kathalia. Overnight in Treks Trips & Trails camps/tents.


Day 10. Kathalia - Jatoli - 13 km.5 hrs


After breakfast trek back to Jatoli. Dinner and Overnight in Treks Trips & Trails camps/ tents/private shepherd huts.


Day 11 . Jatoli to Khati to Dhakuri -14 km. 6hrs.


After breakfast trek back to Dhakuri with lunch at Khati. Dinner and overnight in Treks Trips & Trails camps/tents/KMVN Tourist Lodge.


Day 12 . Dhakuri to Loharkhet to saung to Bageshwar - 14 km.


In the morning trek back to saung after breakfast (13 km/5 to 6 hrs.). Lunch at Loharkhet, then trek to saung. Later non a/c. chartered bus to Bageshwar. Dinner at Bageshwar and stay in hotel at Bageshwar.


Day 13 . Bageshwar to Kathgodham


Departure to Kathgodham Railway Station from Bageshwar via Nainital by chartered non a/c. bus. Reach Kathgodham railway station at 5 p.m. Train to Delhi at night 8.30 p.m.


Day 14. Reach Delhi 6.00 am 

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