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Hamta Pass trek

Time : : May June-Sept/October

Trek Duration : 14 days (includes days of traveling)

Region : Dhauladhar Range ,Manali (H.P)

Max. Altitude : 3600 m.


Day 1 :


Assemble at Delhi at 3.00 p.m. “COMESUM” restaurant

Outside old Delhi railway station. We take evening Volvo air-conditioned bus to Manali by 5.00 p.m.


Day 2 : reach Manali by 9 or 10 a.m.


Book into a Hotel. Breakfast and lunch at hotel. Rest of the day free for sightseeing in Manali .Dinner and overnight at Hotel.


Day 3 : Jobra to Chika (2 hrs trek easy ascent 9800 ft. to 10,400 ft.)


The vehicle from Manali after passing the Prini village takes you up through 40 hairpin bends and drops you off at Jobra. You have already gained quite an altitude from Manali and you start your trek at 9800ft. after and easy ascent for 2 hrs through the forest uget to meadow. The meadow has the Rani Nala or Rani River flowing in the middle. Chika the camping ground for the day, lined with maple and pine trees is at the end of this meadow. The river flows right in the middle and water is no issue. Overnight in tents


Day 4 : Chika to Balu Ka Gera (4 hrs easy ascent)


Start from Chika after breakfast. Set out head right but you are all along on the left bank of the river. The right bank of the river is laced with dwarf Rhododendrons in the lower and middle region of the mountain and Birch trees grow at the upper end. The grand Dhauladhar range with its snow clad peaks loom behind you. Heading towards the river, you need to cross it jumping over boulders to enter a sheltered valley. One side of are the rock faces and on the other end is the river below. In front is snow clad mountains beyond which somewhere lay the Hampta Pass. Walk along the Rani River and it takes about half an hour to cross the valley. After you come out of Juawara, you walk further along crossing small snow flows and jumping across rocks. You then reach Balu-Ka-Gera or the bed of sand. The ground is mainly the sand and dust brought down by the river. Overnight in tents you are close to 11000 ft.


Day 5:Balu-Ka-Gera to Shea Goru crossing Hampta Pass (8-9 hrs easy to moderately steep ascents followed by a sharp descent )


After an early breakfast and with packed lunch, you head out towards the mountains from Balu-Ka-Gera. You move along the river for an hour after which the climb picks gently at first and slightly steep later. Half an hour of climb and you come to the first plateau to face the Deo Tibba peak.

Take a breather, and begin the next ascent to end up at the 2nd ridge after crossing the 1st one. Hampta Pass is a bend away from the top of the second ridge and is at 14000 ft.

On the descent the switch backs on the right flank brings you below the pass. From here it’s a straight down hill on snow or you follow the switchbacks until you hit the valley below. In an hour and a half you are down to the base of the valley. Tall snow clad mountains surround you from three sides and the open side leads you to Sheagoru. Sheagoru is an almost level walk from here. The river is flowing to your right. Camp site close to the river. Dinner and overnight in tents


Day 6:Sheagoru to Chatru (4 - 4½ hrs of downhill trek. Easy with some tricky sections)


It’s a gentle downhill walk in the beginning from Sheagoru. You still move alongside the river in the valley between the mountain ranges. After an hour you get to see the road at Chatru at a distance. The mountains opposite are barren. You are looking at the Spiti Valley. After about 2.5 to 3 hrs , you are out of the mountains, but still at a height.Now you have the road right across and the Chandra River separating you from the road. Two or three huge glacial drains flow down from the mountains on the side to the Chandra River. You will need to cross these glaciers to reach a camping spot which has water. Chatru is a lovely camping site. Great views from here too! The Chandra River is right below.


Day 7:Chatru to Chandra Tal or Chatru to manali (depending on the Road condition)


If the roads are clear and devoid of snow, a visit to Chandra Tal the moon lake is a must when you are in Spiti. Chatru is about 70kms away from Chandra Tal and a vehicle will pick you up and to take you to Chandra Tal from Chatru. You reach Chandra Tal by late afternoon. Lunch, dinner and overnight in tents by the lake.

Late summers the road opens up to Chatru and beyond and you can take the vehicle to Solang from the bridge at Chatru. If you are early or late in the season, Chandra Tal may be ruled out and you may have to walk on the road up to a place where the road has be cleared off its snow flows. The fascinating journey from Chatru to Solang passes through Rohtang Pass and then to Manali can take up to 8 hours.


Day 8:Drive back to Solang


If we are coming from Chandra Tal , we arrive at Solang by 6- 7 p.m. Rest for the night in a hotel.

In case we drive from Chatru on day 7 without going to Chandra Tal Lake this will be rest day at Manali. That means we spend 2 nights in Manali.


Day 9. Take Air conditioned bus Manali to Delhi


Take evening bus to Delhi


Day 10


Arrive in Dehli early morning and disperse.


  • Volvo Airconditioned bus from Delhi to Manali
  • 4 wheeler to the start of the trek and then back from Chatru and further to Manali.
  • Hotel accommodations at Manali and Solang before and after the trek respectively.
  • All food expenses, other lodging charges, porter charges for carrying your loads, mules/ponies charges, cooks, guide and equipment charges.

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