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4 day Yoga retreat in Hampi

From the Surreal to the Ethereal

Treks, Trips & Trails presents a unique spiritual experience where you explore the self amidst timeless ruins and emerge richer. Where you understand the past to breathe into the present. Where every yogic posture is reminiscent of a magnificent era gone by.

Spread over 26 kilometers of awe

inspiring natural beauty amid precariously balanced boulders and stunning architectural ruins, Hampi the erstwhile capital of the Vijaynagara Empire stands as a silent sentinel evocative of a rich bygone era.

Dotting the landscape are palaces, temples, stables and ponds, some dating back to earlier dynasties. They are embellished with exquisite carvings and rock faces comprising sensual motifs, floral wreaths, deities and symbols. Encompassing both sides of the Tungabadhra river, Hampi offers you a serene setting to practice yoga under the watchful gaze of our certified teachers and go back with an unforgettable, out of the world experience at this stunning World Heritage site.

At Treks Trips & Trails, we are not too fond of sharing itineraries. The reason being that we want every step of the journey to be a surprise and we want you to explore your own journey within our trip. But here are a few highlights:

Hampi is a land that has historically lent itself to various interpretations. A king once saw it as the skeleton to build the most beautiful empire on. An adventure junkie from a land far away climbed the mammoth boulders and decided to proclaim it as one of the world’s foremost bouldering sites! A little band of travellers discovered India’s little secret and settled there, creating their own little alternative hippie culture. This place, with a history of interpretation, makes for the perfect backdrop for Yoga, !

An assorted mix of temples, rich history, serenading rivers and an abundance of culture. The jostle of fresh, cool air and a step into nirvana. All this and more describe Hampi, a quaint little land nestled away in North Karnataka. A land so close, yet so far!

If this sounds like a getaway you’ve always wanted, save your spot!

Through our weekend escape to Hampi, we will explore not only this erstwhile capital of the magnificent Vijayanagar Empire, but also the Yogi within you! We hope to assist you in finding yourself with a relaxing Yoga regimen designed to bring you shanti and awesomeness! Join us in exploring these experiences through bouldering and climbing to the top of mammoth rocks, cycling through the quaint by-lanes, jumping into cool, calm lakes, making music by a bonfire and getting lost in the galaxies of stars looking down at us!

Disclaimer: If you are not interested in the Yoga side of this journey don't be dismayed, Hampi Offers a great experience nonetheless :)


  • Travel by air-conditioned Volvo sleeper bus from Mumbai and back.
  • Accommodation at Hampi for all nights of the trip
  • A professional Yoga trainer accompanying us.
  • Internal travel within Hampi.
  • All activities mentioned above. We like to keep our trips small and intimate.
  • The maximum number of 25 Members.

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