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River Rafting

Bored of the same old sightseeing during vacation time? Looking out to add some thrill to your escapade? Well, river rafting is emerging as one of the most popular adventure activities in India. White water rafting is an outdoor activity, which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river.

There are different levels for this activity, known as the International Scale of River Difficulty. There are 6 grades of difficulty involved in white water rafting. Grade 1: Very small rough areas, skill level required: basic. Grade 2: Slightly more rough areas than grade 1, skills required: Basic padding skill. Grade 3: Small waves and small drop but not too dangerous. Grade 4: Medium waves and rocks, considerable drop, sharp maneuvers needed. Grade 5: Large waves, large volume, large rocks and a large drop, requires precise maneuvering. Grade 6: This is the most difficult level with huge rocks, huge waves and substantial drops.

8 River Rafting Locations in India

1. White water rafting at Rishikesh: Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is becoming a popular location for white water rafting enthusiasts. The Ganges offers medium to rough rapids that are rated class 3 and 4. This recreational outdoor activity on the white waters at Rishikesh, from Shivpuri to Lakshman Jhula offers the most picturesque view. The other runs, Chandrapuri-Rudraprayag , Matli-Dunda, Harsil-Uttarkashi and Dharasu-Chham too are popular rafting areas.

2. Rafting in Pirdi: Quite a few private operators offer rafting at Pirdi, near Kullu. Rafting in Pirdi is done on Beas river from Pirdi down to Jhiri, which is approximately 14 km. There are grade 3 and 4 rapids offered at this location. And we must mention that the view is simply breathtaking!

3. River Rafting in Orchha: Madhya Pradesh tourism board organizes two river safaris on the mighty Betwa river. The turbulent current, rough landscapes nestled in lush greenery offer the perfect setting for river rafting. Grade 1 and 2 rapids are found here.

4. Rafting in Tattapani: Tattapani, a few kilometers away from Tattapani is an amazing spot for river rafting, with 14 km to 36 km long rafting routes. Rafting is done on the Satluj river at Tattapani. Apart from this activity, the spot is also popular for its hot water springs.

5. White water rafting at Kolad: Kolad in Maharashtra is a hotspot for white water rafting. Situated on the Sahyadri mountain range in Raigad district, rafting is done on the Kundalika river here. It has a 14 km stretch full of rapids. It is a popular monsoon destination among adventure seekers.

6. Water rafting in Darjeeling: While Rishikesh and Kolad are popular rafting destinations, this sport is relatively new in Darjeeling. River Teesta and Rangeet gushing down the slopes offer not only a scenic view but also rapids for beginners as well as those seeking high levels of adventure.

7. Rafting at Zanskar: The rafting experience on the Zanskar river is an adventure like none other. Zanskar valley, located 12,000 feet above sea level has the Zanskar river flowing through it, with grade 3 and 4 rapids. It’s next to impossible to express this experience in words, and one certainly has to experience it to know what we mean!

8. Rafting on the Tons river: Tons, the largest tributary of Yamuna flows through the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. It has now become a major destination for white water rafting. It offers grade 4 rafting. It is considered as one of the most difficult rafting spots in India. And one can stay at Jaunsar Bawar region on the banks of Tons.

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