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Road Safaris

Road Trips are the best way to travel. Not only it allows you to customize your itinerary the way you want but also give you complete freedom to visit less popular and more authentic places. India is a big country to travel by road but if we disintegrate it in 10 individual road trips for all different regions we can do the whole country on wheels and even Bhutan, happiest country on earth.

Leh Srinagar:

Leh is a dream destination for all road lovers. Traveling in between snowy peaks of himalaya on the highest motorable road is an experience in itself and it does exist in bucket list of each and every road trip enthusiast.

Lahaul Spiti:

Apart from Manali - Leh highway there are other hill towns which offer breathtaking curves and innate natural panorama along the road. Road to Kinnaur and Spiti is considered dangerous due to poor maintenance and remains closed till last May so always confirm from news or local resources before moving ahead from Auli. A shortcut to the above circuite is moving directly from Auli to Kufri.

East Coast:

Here is your chance to drive on glorious Pamban Bridge over the sea. Road conditions are pretty good and all the enroute destinations are well known for its scenic beauty and unique culture in this circuit. You will experience genuine Tamil culture on this circuit. Your trip will start with Jaw dropping views of east coast road and ancient coastal town of Mahabalipuram and conclude at refreshing Nilgiri Hills in between the tea states of Munnar.

West Coast:

This circuit includes everything a traveller wishes for; Serene beaches of Gokarna, Udupi and Kovalam, breathtaking ghats, lakes and forests at Coorg, Wayanad, Backwaters of Alleppey, majestic Mysore and hill towns of Kodaikanal, Ooty. Goa or Bangalore is a perfect place to start the journey. Monsoon is a good season to experience the best of the northern region of the circuit while southern region is best explored in winters, you can choose from your convenience.

Road to Bhutan:

Indian passport holders do not need visa to visit Bhutan and it is easily accessible by road too. You can hire car or bike from Siliguri and visit Bhutan in a week.

Western Ghats;

Monsoon is the best time to explore the western ghats of Maharashtra Region. Mumbai or Pune is ideal base camp to explore the region. These are the places where journey is more beautiful than destinations.

Sikkim – Old Silk Route:

Silk Route, used for trading from china to western and middle eastern countries is one of the most scenic routes on himalayas with several hairpin bends.

North East Road Trip:

A trip from Guwahati to Tawang is a challenge in itself as weather conditions are extreme and you will find very few resources on the way. 

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